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Cost of common liquids per gallon!

While driving from the NJ State House to the Pensylvania state house, our third trip between PA and NJ in three days, we started to think about the cost of all the fuel we were burning. We were not so concerned with how much we were spending rather we were concerned with how little we were spending.

beer milkThis prompted a fun road trip discussion about how much effort and labor actually goes into transporting and refining crude oil from the oil reserve and making it available thousands and thousands of fuel stations. When you start to think about it, gasoline is actually incredibly cheap for what it is and what it provides for us considering the extent that it is processed and the distances it is transported. To get an idea of how cheap gas really is we compiled a list of some common liquids that we use on a daily basis and calculated their price per gallon.


Goods unit price volume (oz) Price per GallonĀ ($)
Fuel $3.97 128 3.97
Beer (NYC bar) $6.00 16 48.00
Beer (deli sixpack) $11.99 72 21.32
Starbucks daily brew $1.75 12 18.67
Starbucks Espresso $2.50 1 320.00
Toothpaste $3.00 6 61.94
Perfume [ Chanel Coco] $85.00 3 3,626.67
Bottled water $1.00 12 10.67
Fiji water $2.00 12 21.33
Dutch Fuel $2.24 34 8.47
Milk $3.49 128 3.49
Tapwater $1.82 95744 0.00243

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The funniest thing that came about from this exercise:

Tap water costs less than a penny per gallon and the fancy bottled Fiji water costs just over 21 bucks per gallon, this is incredible the Fiji water costs 10,000 times more than tap water, and I bet it only tastes like twice as watery.

We don't really know what can be made of this table, but we just thought it was fun to think about. Realistically, most people spend more money per year on fuel than anything else on this list.

We're planning on adding more items to the list.. Can you think of one? Comment below and we'll add it!


••• Study: How Far Do We Drive? Would EV's fit our needs >

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